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📣 Briefly Talk: What is a CRS?

DeepLime's Briefly Talks, also called ELI5, are a series of posts to introduce different technical subjects, answer questions, or share ideas in 5 sentences only.

CRS stands for Coordinates Reference System and has been set up to accurately define positions on the surface of the Earth as coordinates.

The most well-known CRS is WGS84 which defines locations as a pair of latitude/longitude.

Thousands of CRS are defined with different naming conventions, the most used being EPSG:XXXXX (e.g. EPSG:4326 is equivalent to WGS84).

When dealing with geospatial data, the pain point often requires converting coordinates from a CRS to another.

To help with that there are plenty of tools and libraries out there, enjoy the links below.

🔗 Wikipedia 🔗 epsg.io 🔗 PROJ 🔗 pyproj 🔗 PROJ4JS

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