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Geomodelling Script Shortener

We converted a client's script written with a famous geomodeller package to a GeoLime script. With identical functionalities, the length is divided by 20.

How to convert a +120 000 lines of code standard geomodelling script to less than 6 000 lines?

Have a look at GeoLime 🐍

We recently converted a script written with a famous geomodeller package to a GeoLime script, with identical functionalities. Imagine our client’s reaction when they witnessed the difference between the 2 scripts: the length is now divided by 20!

🧽 Clear code:

  • GeoLime is based on Python, a widespread language with more resources on the internet than anyone needs.
  • Geolime is designed to create custom reusable functions that will be painless to maintain.
  • Geolime code is easy to version.
  • Intelligible naming of the variables and functions, no more weird characters from the ’80s ($,#, etc).

πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Simple license system:

  • Clients can run an unlimited number of parallel runs.
  • The library does not require any dongle and can be installed in a few seconds.
  • There is an enterprise license allowing unlimited simultaneous users.

β›… Cloud-friendly:

  • Procedures can run on your private cloud computer, or on a laptop.
  • No one needs to wait for the weekend to click the run button.
  • The code can be accessible from graphical interfaces using our web application GeoPortal.
  • If a procedure requires a monster CPU/RAM machine get what you need! Why use a laptop when you can have a 256GO RAM / 64-core CPU machine instead? πŸ€“

In the past years, we have upgraded and created from scratch many procedures for QA/QC, geological contouring, domaining, geomodelling, grade modelling, reconciliation, reporting, dashboarding, etc …

If you would like to see what GeoLime is capable of, feel free to contact us for a free demo at contact@deeplime.io


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