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OneCode Presentation

"Merci" Terinov & AD'OCC for the "Journée technique nationale: outils numériques pour les géosciences".

🌍✨ Just wrapped up an incredible time at the “Journée technique nationale: outils numériques pour les géosciences” organized by Terinov Geosciences & AD’OCC!

💡 Feeling grateful for the opportunity to exchange ideas with geo experts, both in academia and industry. “Merci” for bringing together a multidisciplinary community passionate about digital tools for geosciences!

Thanks for the feedback on the presentation about our Python open-source tool for collaboration: OneCode is your Python script collaboration genie. It facilitates the deployment of your scripts with automatically built interfaces, allowing you to dive straight into the heart of what truly matters: your algorithms. 🐍💻

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Let’s improve together the way people interact with data! 📈🚀




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