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What’s better than a well-engineered engine?

A well-engineered engine inside a beautifully designed car!

Our cloud platform ‘DeepLime GeoPortal’ was built with our clients to achieve just that: facilitate the implementation of automatic modelling scripts and their deployment to their users.

A few years in the making, it’s not just a sandbox to run scripts on centralised data. It addresses a lot of technical issues that the data scientist faces when making their work available:

  • Effortless deployment to a wider audience under a controlled environment
  • Centralised & up-to-date data
  • Live links to external data sources
  • Dynamically built user interface
  • Auditability and governance at all steps of the workflow through sign-off and review capabilities
  • Statistical and spatial visualisation for quick interrogation of the data
  • General reporting for high-level insight into the orebody performance

GeoPortal is a corporate solution. It is hosted at our clients’ or on DeepLime’s infrastructure, and addresses automated processes such as Long/Short term geological modelling & estimation, pit optimisation, spatial reconciliation, rehab planning, and many many more.

Get in touch if you too are building your company’s next generation of automated models and need a solution to make them available in an efficient, auditable and safe way.

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